Opinion: Winter is one of the worst seasons


Ariana Papcun, Writer

With cold weather, snow and freezing winds, winter is a weary season. In Michigan, winters can be so cold, that the weather often dips into the negative digits. There are numerous reasons why having such cold weather and shorter days can be difficult.

Winter has numerous disadvantages. According to Mana Medical Associates, the cold weather can cause people to be more prone to becoming sick. The weather can cause certain medical conditions to flare up, such as asthma, because of the dust and dander indoors. There are also some conditions, such as low blood pressure, that can cause someone to feel colder in the winter. 

Overeating also occurs in the winter. People tend to overindulge in eating during the holiday months. The air is very dry during this season as well and can cause dry, cracked skin or even rashes which can be severe. According to an article by What’s Your Grief, seasonal affective disorder can also start to occur in the fall and continues through the winter and is caused by not having enough sunlight or daylight hours and many days of cold and cloudy conditions. 

The whole winter season just looks drabby with the trees and plants dying and freezing. Whereas in the summer the land and trees are bright green and growing and the landscape is usually fresh and gleaming and has a more appealing appearance. According to an article by Navigator News, driving can be difficult for people in the winter, especially those who own sports cars and automobiles that only have two wheel drive. “Harsh winter conditions also have an impact on vehicle purchases. Autos tend to wear out quicker during the winter season because of the salt that can rust the cars,” 15 year mechanic Greg Papcun stated. 

Winter can be very pretty with all the snow covering the trees, but that doesn’t benefit much. It  is worse when temperatures freeze, making driving, going outside and other activities extremely difficult. Driving to school or work in these conditions causes a lot of traffic and makes you late. In the summer, there is no school and sometimes fewer work days. Summer is an all-around great season for people who hate the cold. Being outside and soaking up the sun is not only beneficial, but is fun and there are many things to do in the summer.