Track season underway with high numbers coming out for the team

Ariana Papcun, Writer

The track team started the spring season off with a large number of students ready to run. Numerous are included with track and field, such as sprinting, long distance and pole vault. 

This year’s boys track team is the largest Fenton has had in some time, with around 200 students joining the team.

Unlike some other sports, there’s no limit for how many people can join, therefore students don’t get cut at tryouts. Each player gets a chance to compete in the meet, and no one gets left out. One of those athletes, junior Erin McVey,  has been on the team for three years and participates in shot put and disc.

“There’s an event for everyone; even if you don’t like running there’s still something for you to do,” McVey said. “I like getting to know everyone in the freshman, sophomores, and seniors. I don’t really dislike anything about having a large team, except when events take kinda long and then the meet doesn’t get done until later in the day.” 

Track can be a sport for everyone who is need of a spring sport, or just wants to be multi athletes.

“I never did anything in the spring after my sports season in the winter so I wanted to try something new and I heard from a lot of people that track was super fun,” junior Madi Lawroe said. “The girls team is pretty small compared to the guys but it’s super fun when the whole team is together, we all cheer each other on at meets when we are in between events and it’s super fun at practices. There’s always someone there that you can talk to and the seniors are super good at leading everything.”

Although having so many team members may get chaotic, Coach Melanie Hall enjoys having such a large amount of students on her team.

“I am blessed to have girls who want to compete; it makes me feel good about what I am doing,” Hall said. “I love being a coach and watching them compete. I enjoy working with the athletes and helping them be successful.”

The track team’s last meet is May 26 at Linden and the State meet is June 4, with the location currently unannounced. For more information, visit to check out their schedule.