The Fashion Textbook: 2022 homecoming trends

Emmy Johnson, Editor

Homecoming season is upon us. With Fenton High’s dance on Oct. 1, many are trying to find a dress to wear. The task isn’t as easy as it used to be— with trend cycles changing and trying to fit within the school dress code— it can be hard to find the perfect fit.

Trying to select dresses that you like versus dresses that will flatter you can be hard— knowing the five body types: hourglass, pear, apple, triangle and rectangle can help you make a decision. 

If you have an hourglass shape, meaning you have a small waist with bigger hips and bust, a dress that is more form-hugging would be the best to flatter you. Try an open back or a v-neck to make a statement. Try ignoring dresses with a high or square neckline, as it can distort your image. 

A pear body type is where your bust is smaller but hips are larger. A dress that focuses on your hips more than your bust would flatter your shape. Try looking for a dress tighter on the bottom and looser on top. A long sleeve with puffy sleeves and a square neckline, try to ignore dresses with a sweetheart neckline as it can look less filling.

If you have an apple body type, which has an overall round shape, usually your waist, bust and hips are close in measurements. Wearing a flowing dress can help you show off your figure. Any neckline can fit with this body type, allowing you to have diverse options in dress picking.

A triangle body type has a wider bust and shoulders but a smaller waist. This shape dresses better with a tight top and looser bottom. Halter necklines can look unflattering, considering wide shoulders draw attention to them; if you wish to still have a halter neckline, wearing a square neckline with tank top straps gives off a halter neckline illusion. 

A rectangle shape, much like an apple’s, has close waist, bust and hip measurements. The only difference is this body type has less of a curve. This body type is most flattering with a cinched waist and a halter or jeweled neckline which show off the shoulders.

Now knowing the types of dresses available, the best thing to do is know what is on the market. Homecoming trends change frequently as dresses from last year can be wildly different from this year’s.

Beaded patterns with sequins and other diamonds have gotten popular; jeweled butterflies or flowers on darker dresses catch people’s attention. To find dresses like this, style #87142 and style #87126 from Amarra’s Fall 2022 Homecoming Dress collection fit the bill. To find them, you can look on their website,

If you aren’t a fan of patterns but still wish to make a statement, holographic glitter on dresses has been common since 2019. The shifts of color with movement from lighting makes it hard not to look at these dresses. Dresses like Lulu’s Shimmer and Glow or Lulu’s Gift of Love both give this illusion. You can find them at under “Formal Wear.”

Glitter and sequins can be itchy to some; if this is the case for you, feather boas and lace have made a comeback from the early 2000’s. A dress with a feather trimmed neckline or a dress with lace paneling makes it comfortable to wear while also still being formal wear. Dresses like Likely Mari Feather Trimmed Dress or Cinq a Sept Stellah Bead and Feather Dress fit this description. Both dresses can be found on

If making a loud statement isn’t your thing, satin and silk dresses have been on the market, both in form fitting and flowy versions of a plethora of colors. This trend has made it easy for the dress to be made up or worn down— a versatile wear. Lulu’s Law of Attraction dress and Lulu’s Forever Your Girl both match these descriptions; both found on

Knowing trends, by next year they’ll have changed, but hopefully there will be some returning favorites for homecoming 2023.