Battle of the Radios: Spotify vs Pandora

Emily Battaglia, Writer


With a downloading price of $0.00 and access to any genre of music, both Spotify and Pandora are popular Internet radios. The two radios are accompanied by ads and “skip limits,” making for strict preferences when it comes to choosing one over the other.

“I like Pandora because you can find new music that you didn’t think you would like with good music quality,” junior Emily Kinser said. “The ads and skip limits are kind of annoying though, so I just get a ton of different stations.”

While Pandora may provide just about 1 million songs to listeners, Spotify has 20 million songs available; and even though some students prefer finding new music that interests them, others enjoy strictly sticking to their favorite albums and artists.

“I enjoy Spotify because I can listen to albums that I like without getting other random songs,” sophomore Jenna Keiser. “I used to use Pandora, but now that I’ve discovered Spotify I like it a lot more.”

Besides Spotify and Pandora, other popular stations include Beats Music, Itunes Radio, and Rdio. These stations offer more than 20 million songs. They are not available for free, however; and when it comes to choosing between the current fad and pricey apps, some like to stick to the basics

“I’ve never used Spotify,” freshman Rudy Ebert said. “I usually use Free Music Download Pro.”

While there are pros and cons to both, these radios each offer unique aspects to satisfy the listener. And if a student is not satisfied with these two popular apps, more expensive apps with a larger variety of songs are still available for listening.