The history of Sweetest Day

April Carr, Writer

Dating back to 1922, Sweetest Day has been celebrated on the third Saturday of October. This year, that puts Sweetest Day on Oct. 15.  Although it is a well-known day, it is not an official holiday and many people may not know much about the origin or the meaning behind it.

According to National Today, Sweetest Day began when a group of Cleveland companies banded together to make and distribute candy to the poor, orphans and elders. The idea was motivated by one of the employees, Herbert Birch Kingston, who wanted others to feel seen and included in life. The day brought cheer and happiness to a large group of people and the idea began to spread.

Actors and celebrities contribute greatly to the spread of Sweetest Day. Theda Bara, a stage actress, handed out candy to theater goers and even some patients who were staying at the Cleveland hospital to brighten their days, according to Hallmark.

According to the National Day Calendar, Sweetest Day has turned into a day where romantic gifts or flowers are given to loved ones and other signs of appreciation are shown. The day has grown into something much larger than just a day of candy.

Sweetest Day is celebrated nationwide but is very prominent among the Great Lakes region. Although it is not an official holiday— the day symbolizes hope and  togetherness for communities and anybody who may be struggling. One small act of kindness can change someone’s life.