Opinion: CRUMBL Cookies is worth the hype

Sophie Collins, Writer

CRUMBL Cookies is the fastest growing cookie shop in the nation and soon to be the biggest cookie company, according to Vetted Biz. With new cookie flavors every week, CRUMBL keeps their customers on their toes. According to Grow Omaha, all CRUMBL has to do is put a sign outside a location and it does all the advertising. CRUMBL is a relatively new business coming about in 2017 and they have yet to disappoint.  

Compared to other cookie companies, CRUMBL has cookies the size of compact discs, their flavors change every week and they are a very big brand that has many locations around the nation. 

“I love CRUMBL,” junior Mary Haiss said, “I think they have really good cookies.”

Every Sunday, CRUMBL will post their new set of cookies for the week with their cookies for the week of Oct. 24 being Peanut Butter Crisp ft. Butterfinger, Chocolate Malt, Original featuring M&M’s Candies, Classic Krispies Bar, Strawberry Limeade, a mystery cookie and their classic Milk Chocolate Chip cookie.  The most famous CRUMBL cookie is the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie— you will find it being an option for every new set of cookies. 

“Every week they change their cookie flavors, but they always have the chocolate chip and the sugar cookie,” Haiss said. “I like that the flavors are always changing and different. It makes going there more exciting.” 

The creativity of CRUMBL helps with the excitement. Unlike other cookie shops, CRUMBL has unique flavors with cookies like ICEE, S’mores, Pumpkin Roll, caramel apple and birthday cake; it makes people curious to try more and to keep going back. 

“My favorite CRUMBL cookie flavor is their Buckeye Brownie cookie,” Haiss said.

With CRUMBL Cookies coming soon in Fenton, located at 17075 Silver Parkway, people are extremely excited. While the grand opening was initially expected in October, the opening date is now Nov. 4. from 8 a.m. – midnight.

“I’m most excited for the new CRUMBL in Fenton because it’s closer to home and we can go there whenever we want,” Haiss said. 

People love the idea of how easy it is to order a CRUMBL cookie. If you see a CRUMBL, it’s simple: you walk in, order and pay for your cookies on an iPad. You wait for your order and once they call your name, you get your cookies and leave. If you don’t feel like waiting or encountering a lot of people, you can order from the app and skip the line. All you have to do is go pick up your order from CRUMBL. CRUMBL cookies is for sure worth the hype.