What to expect on midterm local ballot

Sylvia Kline, Writer

With midterm elections rapidly approaching, those that are eligible to vote should conduct personal research to ensure that they are making informed decisions and utilizing their democratic power to promote progress in the nation. According to the National Civic League, local elections have a profound impact on a community’s housing, education, transportation, policing and parks—which is why informed decisions are imperative. Below is a list of what can be found on the local ballot on Nov. 8. 


Governor – Democrat Gretchen Whitmer (Incumbent) vs. Republican Tudor Dixon

Governor Whitmer is running for reelection this November— and she is facing Republican Dixon who has a significantly more conservative agenda. 

Representatives – Democrat Dan Kildee (Incumbent) vs. Republican Paul Junge 

Fenton is a part of Michigan’s eighth Congressional district, which remains primarily democratic, having reelected Kildee for representative since 2013. This November, he is facing opposition from self-proclaimed conservative Junge. 

Secretary of State – Democrat Jocelyn Benson (Incumbent) vs. Republican Kristina Karamo

Jocelyn Benson has been serving as Michigan’s Secretary of State since 2018 and is an advocate for public service and voting rights. Her opponent in this midterm is Kristina Karamo who serves on the Michigan Grand Old Party [Republican] Committee and hopes to bring more conservative ideals into office.

Attorney General – Democrat Dana Nessel (Incumbent) vs. Republican Matthew DePerno

Dana Nessel is Michigan’s 54th attorney general and the first openly gay individual to hold this office in Michigan. Nessel is a devoted advocate for civil rights and the environment. In stark contrast her opponent, Republican Matthew DePerno, is a self-proclaimed “Constitutional conservative” whose campaign boasts endorsements from former President Donald Trump.

Fenton Area Public Schools (FAPS)  Board Members

Three FAPS School Board positions are up for election. The potential Fenton Schools Board Members include Rachelle Edmunds, Renee Juhl, Nicolas Lecea, Ashley Prew, Keith Reyolds and former FHS teacher, Mike Pearce.

Proposal One 

If Proposal 22-1 is adopted, annual public financial disclosures would be required from government officials including: governor, attorney general, lieutenant governor and secretary of state. These disclosures would contain details into the officials assets, liabilities, travel reimbursements, liabilities and income sources.

Proposal Two 

If Proposal 22-2 is adopted, the state constitution will be amended to add revisions to election protocols. These include— but are not limited to— nine days of early in-person voting, state-funded absentee ballot boxes and voter identification with a valid photo ID or signed statement. Term limits would also be revised, introducing a 12-year cap for representatives and senators.

Proposal Three 

If Proposal 22-3 is adopted, the state would guarantee the individual right to reproductive freedom for all Michigan women. This includes prenatal and postpartum care, contraception, abortion, miscarriage counsel, etc… The amendment would also completely prohibit discrimation in regards to individuals exercising this newly established right and protect them from prosecution for doing so. 

For additional voting information, and to view assigned poll locations, click here to visit cityoffenton.org.