Mental Health Matters: Coping during the holiday season

Ariana Papcun, Editor

The Holidays are full of creating memories, visiting loved ones, spending time together, and much more. However, this season is not always joyful; it can be a very difficult time of year. Holiday stress is something a lot of people, like myself, experience. According to Very Well Mind, Some things that can spark the stress and panic of the holidays are spending too much, being with loved ones too much or too little or simply just doing too much that we can’t handle. 

Spending too much and overindulging on items, foods or drinks is one way that makes the holidays a struggle. However, the stress is predictable with the holidays and there are ways to prevent the aftermath of debt and weight gain. According to, before shopping for food items and gifts, stick to a budget. This is an effective way to not over buy expensive items and stick within your limit. Also, planning ahead all of the meals and gifts will also help to alleviate stress. 

Sometimes, too much or not enough time together with loved ones will unleash those holiday blues. It’s important to spend time with family and loved ones, but make sure you spend the amount of time that you can handle before your stress levels go up. According to a Fenton patient undergoing therapy, a good way to relieve your stress levels is to stop and evaluate them with a scale of 1-10. If the level of stress is above five, aim to eliminate as many stressors as possible. 

Another stressor is taking on an overload of projects and planning and doing it by yourself. According to Mayo Clinic, a way to combat stress is to acknowledge that it is alright to feel emotions of sadness and grief especially when going through a loss or something major. It is not good to hide these feelings and force yourself to be happy just because of the holiday season. 

This season can be an enjoyable time if you make it to be. With lots of love and laughter, there are still moments to make memories and have a jolly time even in the midst of chaos.