A guide to cheap holiday decorating

Monroe Chapman, Writer

The holidays are an expensive time of year. Whether it’s last minute speed shopping in the local Walmart or stalking the tracker on an Amazon order, holiday shopping has never failed to stress many people out. Spending a lot of time and money on gifts makes many forget about one of the sentimental parts of the holidays— decorations. According to Gobankingrates.com, The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend between $942-$960 billion during the holiday season. To cut down the cost, here’s a guide to holiday shopping for decorations on a budget. 

A very underrated shop for decor is The Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is great for small items like tea lights, table settings and decorative candles. An entire section of the store in Fenton is covered with everything for Christmas and even New Years Eve. Through the seasons, Dollar Tree’s stock changes frequently with them. At Dollar Tree, you’ll never find the same item from last year. 

To browse more from the local The Dollar Tree visit here.

Another place that has risen in popularity for low priced holiday decorations is Five Below. Like The Dollar Tree, their stock is also constantly changing. Although their prices range from $1 to $5, there are bound to be options that will fit perfectly in the house without breaking the bank. Their online website covers everything in stock. 

An often-visited, budget-friendly option for holiday shopping is Walmart . Right in the front of the store is a simple display of indoor and outdoor lights. Prices vary every year, but the minimalist single strands generally stay below $10. Their holiday shop is filled with outdoor decor like inflatables, light-up reindeer and even more lights. Shopping in-store in Walmart is always very crowded during this time of year, but to combat that, visit their website to shop online for holiday needs. 

For the more crafty people, DIY holiday decorations can be a better option than wasting away in an overcrowded store. There are nearly infinite YouTube videos demonstrating DIY decorations for every occasion. DIYing decorations gives more creative freedom to make something that would match perfectly with an individual’s holiday aesthetic. Making the decorations could even be turned into a way for the family to bond over the holidays. The possibilities are endless. 

Snow covered decorations bring out child-like joy during the holiday season. Although the weather is cold, seeing those decorations is a reminder of what childhood was like. Spending time with family is enough to turn the cold breeze into a warm embrace and a kiss from a significant other under the three dollar mistletoe doesn’t make memories less valuable.