New School-Wide Sports Workout Program


Sophie Collins, Writer

FHS has recently added a new workout program for all sports. The new training program is aimed at making athletes stronger and faster. The school hired a new personal trainer to run this program, Coach Zach Caswell. 

“The goal is to train as many of our athletes as possible so that they can improve their speed, strength, agility, mental toughness and injury prevention,” Athletic Director Edward Uhrik said. 

Each sport has the opportunity to participate in this new program that FHS is offering;  however, it doesn’t just come with player fees, it does cost extra. Each team pays $1,800 for the second semester.  

The workout programs vary by sport.  For example, a volleyball player will do workouts and cardio specifically for volleyball. The workouts are tailored toward the individual needs of each team.

“Coach Zach Caswell has a tremendous amount of experience training world-class athletes such as NFL players,” Uhrik said. “He uses scientific-based research to help design programs for all types of athletes. All of our athletes should be using their knowledge to gain an extra advantage over our opponents.”

Athletes feel this program is very beneficial to them in many ways. It helps student-athletes build muscle and stay in shape while in their season or out of it.

“There are multiple different workouts to build muscle or agility for their specific sport,” sophomore Abby Gonzales said. “I feel it’s beneficial to help keep me in shape for the school season.” 

Each session normally consists of a handful of students depending on the day, but they are normally on the busier end. Each session is in the Fenton High weight room from 3-4:30 p.m., Mon-Thurs.  

If interested in joining this program, reach out to Uhrik by e-mail or contact individual sports coaches.