The Impact of Key Club

Emersyn Sprague, Writer

KEY Club is a student-led organization with a chapter at FHS. The club strives to volunteer and make a difference within the community. KEY Club can make big impacts on the community whether it be prepping and handing out food baskets, doing food/ hygiene drives or volunteering at different events. 

“KEY Club makes our school and community a better place to live. KEY Club members partner with Kiwanis, FARR, the World of Wonder, the Fenton Arts Council, local churches, the City of Fenton, the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and the Fenton & Linden Chamber of Commerce to add value to our community activities, like local holiday food drives, back to school book and shoe giveaways, the Fenton July 4th Freedom Festival and Jinglefest,” KEY Club Sponsor  Mark Suchowski said.  “KEY Club members try to improve our world, one child and one community at a time.” 

With the organization dating back to 1925, Key Club’s website states, “We promote caring as a way of life. Our members make the world a better place through service. In doing so, we grow as individuals and as leaders by answering the call to lead, summoning the courage to engage and developing the heart to serve.”

Serving the community and making the world better is their goal. They are especially busy during the holidays. It’s this time of the year many families struggle providing food and basic necessities, so KEY Club steps up— they fundraise and sort and distribute food baskets to feed families. 

“The biggest impact on the community is the food baskets we prepare every year for Christmas and Easter,” FHS Key Club President senior Isabella Vincil said. These food baskets make the holidays a better time for families in need in our community.” 

KEY Club also volunteers at many local events. KEY Club’s biggest event has been Safety Town which promotes safety to children.       

“[Safety Town] is an event that occurs every year in August that helps educate young kids on fire, road and other types of safety,” Vincil said. 

KEY Club helps many different kinds of people; they mostly work with families and kids.  

“KEY Club also helps members of the community who have ideas to help but not the manpower to do so,”  Vincil said. “KEY Club leaves a positive impact on all members of the community that we help.” 

KEY Club members work year-round to help people in need and give to the community. KEY Club can leave lasting impacts on the community that it helps. If interested in joining KEY Club contact Suchowski, Vincil or a member, or visit