Pottery Week in Art Foundations class

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Writer

The second to last week before break had two different meanings for students, for most, it was just another week before break, but for those in art teacher Suzanne Jule’s Art 1 class, it was the start of their next unit. Dubbed “pottery week” by some, this unit requires students to put down their paint and brushes and trade them in for a clump of clay to create pottery with.

“The students could choose between a vase that had to be ten inches tall, a teapot, or a car,” Art 1 teacher Suzanne Jule said. “About a half of the students did teapots and the other did vases.”

The clay unit is one of the many units that Jule likes to teach her students throughout the year. Each year she changes the choices and projects in it.

“I like this unit because kids always love doing it,” Jule said. “It’s 3D work, not flat work, it’s fun watching students make, glaze and seeing how their pottery turns out in the end after we fire it.”

As for this year, with the change in the choices, Jule cannot chose one piece of pottery she likes the most, she likes many of the pieces.

“There’s a cute car, a turtle teapot, and an elephant teapot,” Jule said. “Not everyone has done the unit, so I can’t really say.”

Pottery week has became an annual unit that Jule and her students enjoy. Those interested in Art 1 can sign up for the class when the time comes for scheduling classes for the 2015-16 school year. As for next year, pottery week will have new changes going into it and new pottery coming out of it.