JV Tennis loses to Bloomfield Marian, 0-8

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

Fenton tennis lost another game on Wednesday to Bloomfield Marian with the final score being 0-8. This team proved to be just as tough as they seemed.

“I had heard they were really good so I wanted to give them a good match,” freshman Leah Krantz said. “We worked really hard and played our best. We didn’t just let them win.”

One game in tennis is typically made of four single and four double matches. However, Bloomfield asked to play eight double matches this time, to which Fenton agreed.

“I had never played doubles competitively before so it was nice to try it out,” freshman Elle Brickles said. “Personally, I was proud of myself because I won a set despite how good they were. I was serving and returning balls really well that day.”

Despite the loss, players are able to take away lessons learned as with any game.

“The team gave a fair fight,” Brickles said. “I’m taking away a certain amount of pride, because of how well I did and the experience of playing in doubles. It was nice to work with someone else while playing my favorite sport.”

The next JV tennis game is at 4 p.m. on May 14 at Flushing High School.