UNICEF club will be donating proceeds from their bake sale to UNICEF


PHOTO Tess DeGayner

Standing outside at Walmart, the UNICEF Club members run the bake sale they had over the weekend. Vice president of the club, junior Riley Wilson, was pleased with the money they raised. “We raised $424. 86. It was so cold outside that I think people felt bad for us and gave us pity donations as well as ones for the baked goods we sold.”

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Breaking News Editor

The UNICEF club and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. They are two different groups, the first has a club at the high school, and the second one does not. However, both take any proceeds they make and donate the funds raised to organizations that help out people all around the world. The UNICEF club is a new club to the high school and is going to be hosting a fundraiser on Jan 16. The club members are going to work two hour shifts at the sale, which is going to be running from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.

“Our goal this year is to run three fundraisers,” UNICEF club vice president Riley Wilson said. “This will be our first. It is a bake sale at Walmart on Jan 16. Each member is signing up to bring a baked good to sell at the sale and we are accepting donations for the items.”

The reason for the bake sale is the same reason that Wilson and club president Christina Walker decided to form a chapter of the UNICEF club at the school.

“Christina and I organized this club to raise money for children around the world and to change people’s lives,” Wilson said. “To help children help who live in poverty get the help they need. The money we raise will go towards whatever UNICEF decides to do with it. For example, if we were to donate after the Nepal Earthquake, the money we donate will go to the earthquake relief. Most of the money gets sent t third world countries in Africa to supply kids with water, food and basic necessities. However, some of the money stays within the US and supplies kids with these things too. This was the main reason why we decided to start a chapter at the high school.”

Wilson hopes that the sale will go well, she wants to raise as much money as possible to help people in harsher conditions.
“I think it will go well,” Wilson said. “I’m really excited to be finally having our first fundraising event and cannot wait to donate the money to help children around the world. I think people take comfort for granted. They forget about the suffering people in other locations. I’m looking forward to helping relieve some of the misery from these children.”