Varsity boys basketball wins against Flint Kearsley


Jade Allami, Writer

As the student section cheers, senior Chris Gilbert coninues to score points, resulting in the team’s win against Kearsley on Jan. 8. The final score was 60-40, and it made Fenton’s Metro League standings 2-1.

“I think it was a good bounce back game for us coming off a loss on Tuesday,” senior Chris Gilbert said. “It was a big win that also makes a statement in our league that shows we are top team in our league.”

During the game, Gilbert scored a total of 22 points, the majority of those points were 3-point shots. Other players, including juniors Drew Miller and Nick Wyrick, also scored high during the game; Miller with 13 points, and Wyrick with eight points.

“I think the student section really helped; their energy definitely helped get us pumped up,” Miller said. “But we need to improve our focus during the games, and I think Coach Gilbert can help with that. I love Coach Gilbert, and I’m greatful he’s the coach.”

During practices, the team tries to create game like situations so they are prepared. They qualify practice as very competitive, which translates to how they play on the court.

“Composure is always a good thing to improve on; it can help for our future games,” coach John Gilbert said. “It’s always a good game when you win by a lot of points; everyone got to play a lot of minutes, and they did a nice job while having fun.”

The boys’ next game is on Jan. 12 at Brandon High School.