A sneak peak into the week of the Sadie Hawkin’s dance

Ted Graves, Writer

The Sadie Hawkin’s Dance is approaching, and planning is underway. On Feb. 27 from 8:00 to 10:00pm, the auxiliary gym will be filled with attendees whose clothing will be illuminated by a ubiquitous black light filling the room.

Leading up to Sadie’s, spirit week will be held from Feb. 22-26 to hype up school spirit for the dance. On Friday, Feb. 19, a pep assembly will be held in the main gym. Spirit week will include the following themes: PJ day, jersey & hat day, Hawaiian/beach day, college day, and orange & black day.

“We decided to make the pep assembly on Friday before Sadie’s week to kick off the spirit week and support the varsity basketball team,” junior Shelby Kienast, publicity manager for Sadies said. “It will be a great way to get everyone pumped up for the exciting week ahead.”

As in the past, there will be a theme present at the dance. The common black light theme will be used to provide ambience and lighting. To see the more of the glow from ultraviolet bulbs, lighter clothing is suggested. Also, for additional effect glow sticks are allowed and can be worn during the dance.
With every school dance, school guidelines for dress and behavior are to be respected.

Make sure not to wear anything too revealing and don’t get too rowdy. Be courteous to other attendees and staff members. Make sure to not have your behavior affect anyone’s experience at Sadies.

During the course of spirit week, tickets will be sold during lunch at a price of $10 a piece. A stand staffed by student council members will be set up in the hallway near the entrance of the main gym, and there will be no other time to purchase them.

Student council members set up all the amenities provided for the dance. This includes the black lights, chairs and tables, sound systems, music selection, and decorations. Despite a wide selection of features at the dance, food and drink will not be provided. Although, DJ Andy from MirrorBall Productions will be present at the dance for musical entertainment and will be taking requests for music choice.