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Opinion: Some spirit week themes prove difficult for students to partake

Opinion: Some spirit week themes prove difficult for students to partake

Libby Pattan, Writer October 10, 2022

Each year, students celebrate the week heading into homecoming by dressing up for the school's spirit week. Chosen by the student council, there is a different theme every day of the week; it is then up...

When planning on what to wear, tops and jackets with a less formal style should be considered. Women should look for long to mid sleeve dress shirts in lighter fabrics to minimize overheating while dancing. Men should consider long sleeve dress shirts with lighter fabrics as well. Jackets can be worn by both men and women, but  “business meeting” suits should be avoided. A women’s $28 Blouse Black from Soul Cake at Target would be a general reference for what wear for a top. An  ASOS Skinny Shirt In White With Short Sleeves And Contrast Buttons for $35 dollars is an exemplary item of clothing for men at Sadies.

A sneak peak into the week of the Sadie Hawkin’s dance

Ted Graves, Writer February 4, 2016

The Sadie Hawkin’s Dance is approaching, and planning is underway. On Feb. 27 from 8:00 to 10:00pm, the auxiliary gym will be filled with attendees whose clothing will be illuminated by a ubiquitous...

Classes select homecoming float themes

Classes select homecoming float themes

Emma Coffey, Writer September 18, 2015

Homecoming week is here and the class themes have been chosen. The themes for the floats will be Around the World; voting for the class themes took place in SRT over the past two weeks. During the class...

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