Classes select homecoming float themes

Emma Coffey, Writer

Homecoming week is here and the class themes have been chosen. The themes for the floats will be Around the World; voting for the class themes took place in SRT over the past two weeks. During the class meetings, each member received a ballot with the remaining Around the World themes.

“I always hope the floats turn out nice,” student council sponsor Jill Starr said. “It’s fun seeing how the classes apply to the themes and the creativity each class displays in its float.”

Seniors had first pick at the theme for their float and chose rainforest. The juniors chose beach and the sophomores picked arctic, leaving freshmen with desert.

“We plan to incorporate a tiger for Fenton and a horse for Clio,” senior Chloe Kotarak said. “It will represent Fenton’s will to win the game against Clio!”

Each float will bring places from around the globe home to be apart of the parade.
“I want everyone to have a piece of this float,” Kotarak said. “I want the class of 2016 to understand that we aren’t just people in the same grade, we’re a team.”