Festivities offer different ways to celebrate Halloween

Eva Benore, Writer

Halloween is a day of expression. It can be celebrated in a variety of ways; dressing up in costumes, going out to get some candy, watching scary movies with your besties, or going to a Halloween bash.

“This year I am going to dress up as an army soldier,” sophomore Jacob Palmiter said. “My father is a veteran and I think dressing up is a really cool way to express my gratitude toward him; that is what inspired my Halloween costume.”

Besides dressing up to celebrate Halloween, another festivity that a number of people do is go door-to-door seeking all sorts of candy by trick-or-treating.

“Normally on Halloween, I go out trick-or-treating with my clique,” sophomore Jillian Molyneaux said. “Once I get home, I trade any of the Almond Joy candy bars I have collected because I don’t like the coconut. I will eat around one third of the bag then watch either a classic or animated Halloween movie.”

While some students go through their goodies they have collected that night, other people choose to use their evenings to participate in different activities to celebrate.

“Last year for Halloween I went trick-or-treating with some of my friends,” sophomore Elle Brickles said. “This year I’m thinking about possibly going to a party or hanging out with friends and watching some type of scary movie for a change. I just want to do something different than trick-or-treating for my Halloween activities this year.”

Rather than spending the evening trick-or-treating, Brickles, along with many others, have decided to stay indoors to watch scary movies.

“I would rather stay home on Halloween than go out trick or treating,” freshman Sabrina Hall said.“I prefer to stay home and chill with my friends; we normally watch some type of Halloween movie.”