Sweet Variations is moving to a new location

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Breaking News Editor

It is a warm sunny day in 1982. Carol Schuler is standing outside in front of the building located on the corner of Shiawasse and Leroy street. She is looking up at the sign on the outside of the building; it reads, “Sweet Variations.” She is ready to walk into the store and put the open sign on the door for the first time. All of the candy is in display cases, homemade chocolate coming fresh out of the kitchen, boxed candy, and jelly beans. As she walks into the store, she smiles, ready to start the first day of her business, Sweet Variations.

Now, 34 years later, the business still stands there, however, that is going to change soon. This summer, Sweet Variations is going to move out of the original building, and move into a unit in the plaza by Sagebrush Cantina. There are many factors that influenced owner Carol Schuler to make this decision.

“The new landlord took my storage area in the basement,” Schuler said. “I tried to make it work, but there is not enough room for me to put all of the things from the storage area. The kitchen is very cramped, and we need more room for that also. Also, there is not enough parking for all the people who come into my store.”

The search for a new building was started a year ago, and there is enough space in the future location to accommodate both her kitchen and storage and be able to have more room to move around.

“I have been looking for places to move to for about a year,” Schuler said. “I have had no luck until now, because the places are either too small or too expensive. Space was the main reason why I made my decision, the new building was estimated to be two times bigger than our current building, but we measured it and found lots of cubbyholes in the place, so it may actually be a little less than twice the size of our current location.”

Schuler is expecting to appeal to a different array of customers at her new location, while keeping the regulars coming in.

“I am definitely going to miss all of the friends I have made from being at this location,” Schuler said. “There is going to big a big change in customers, for example, I will not attract as many people who are passing by the store and decide to come in. However, the store is now handicap accessible at the new location, and also will attract a new clientele from Sagebrush, so that will help business too.”

The customers and residents of Fenton have had both positive and negative reactions to the upcoming move.

“It’s going to be weird that they are not going to be downtown anymore,” junior Maddie Janowak said. “I probably will not go as often because the only time I really go there is when I am at the Jinglefest.”
This summer, Schuler will be able to stand at the front of her new building of Sweet Variations. As she enters, she can put the open sign up and begin her first day working at the new location.