Obituary: Freshman Victoria “Tori” Lane


Freshman Victoria “Tori” Lane passed away Nov. 14 afternoon after a pedestrian/train accident. Funeral arrangements have not been made. Edit: As of Nov. 17, funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday, Nov. 19. From 3-6 p.m. visitation will be held at the Temrowski Funeral Home.

Tess DeGayner, Website Editor in Chief

Victoria “Tori” Lane passed away Monday, November 14 as the result of a pedestrian/train accident. The Fenton fire and police departments responded to the accident phone call at 3 p.m..

Lane was 15 years of age and a freshman at Fenton High School. She attended Fenton Area Public Schools prior to spending her eighth grade year at a Holly schools. Lane returned to Fenton in September for her freshman year. She spent the summer reuniting with old friends and making new ones. One of the new friendships she had created was with senior Austin Batteese. Batteese recalls one of her memories with her best friend, Lane.

“She was very ticklish,” Battese said. “I would tickle her and laugh and then she would laugh. One time she snorted like a pig; I miss it.”

Lane was known for being outgoing, a girl who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in and to speak up for issues she agreed with. On social media she advocated for minority rights such as transgender boys and girls.

Funeral arrangements have been made. Visitation will be held at Temrowski Funeral Home on Saturday, Nov. 19 from 3 – 6 p.m.. The funeral follows at 6 p.m.. Friends of Lane are asked to send photos they have with her to [email protected] to be included on a memorial slideshow that will be played throughout the service.

A Go Fund Me Page has been created to help cover Lane’s funeral and other related expenses. To this date, the page has raised $3,390 out of its goal, $5,000.