Varsity players volunteer with Captain’s Club to help entertain kids from Fenton Intermediate Schools

Ellie Vasbinder, Writer

Once a month, varsity players volunteer with Captain’s Club to play sports with disabled children. The club has been around for more than 15 years and is run by coach Matt Sullivan.

“We volunteer within the community,” senior Maddie Welch said. “We do this to be more involved in the community and show off our school and athletics in a positive way. The main goal of the club is to better our community and promote the athletics at Fenton. To be in Captain’s Club you usually have to play a varsity sport, but anyone who plays sports at Fenton can join.”

Many kids from Fenton Intermediate Schools participate in these events and fundraisers. They play sports such as bowling, floor hockey and soccer. With these sports, fundraisers are held with themes to go along with them.

“Earlier this year there was a superhero event at FIS,” senior Brandon Weaver said. “I dressed up as Spiderman and sprayed the kids with silly string. It was really fun interacting with them and making sure they had a good time.”

Captain’s Club usually holds their events at FIS once a month. Each event has about 10 players from Captain’s Club helping out and interacting with the kids from FIS.

“I love being involved in this club,” junior Margaret Berry said. “Whenever we go to an event, no matter what kind of day I’m having, I know the kids will always put a smile on my face. It makes my heart happy knowing I’m helping them learn something that I enjoy so much.”

Captain’s Club impacts the community by bringing together sports and kids to interact with athletes they can look up to. If students have questions see Sullivan in room 1-117 or talk to a varsity player that is involved.