Varsity girls tennis team adjusts new roles, new coach

Madi Wheeler, Writer

As junior Leah Krantz goes to hit the ball during her singles match, she hears her teammates cheering her on. This is part of the concept the new varsity coach Dave Daniel, hopes for Krantz and her teammates, to be there for each other and support one another. As the team adjusts to the new coach, some girls are also adapting to a new position or team.

“I’m playing a really hard position: number one singles,” Krantz said. “My goal is to win most of my Metro League games so that I could be considered for states. The ranking of difficulty in tennis goes number one singles, number one doubles and after that follows all of the singles. Usually the number one singles is the best person on the team. I’m the only player who ranked in the top 12 last year, so I had to step up my game and it’s a really hard position.”

While the team is focused on doing well, their coach hopes that it is not the only thing they take away from their time spent together.

“The goal is the same as it is every season,” Daniel said. “Trying to develop each player to achieve their maximum potential and buy into the team concept. To have them realize they are part of something bigger than themselves and to be accountable to their teammates. To develop strong character and a work ethic that will benefit them long after their high school tennis career is over.”

During Daniel’s first season coaching, the team has had to adjust to a new style of training and techniques. Some girls have also had to adjust to a new team.

“Moving up to varsity was a lot more intense than being on JV,” junior Catherine Maxwell said. “It was a little bumpy at first with getting used to a new coach, but now it’s starting to get a lot better. Everyone on the team is improving; in the first game of the season I did not do my best, but now I know I got my hardest match out of the way.”

The girls will be playing against Flushing on May 2 at Flushing High School at 4 p.m.

PHOTO Madi Wheeler
The first game with Kearsley High School (April 20) was delayed due to weather conditions. The results from the second matches against Kearsley (April 24) are currently unavailable.