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NFL Projections 2019

NFL Projections 2019

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist September 20, 2019

This NFL season is anticipated to be extremely competitive. For many teams this is a make or break season for them. This breakdown will show a projected record, key players, and a small brief for each...

LZ Sports: NBA Mock Drafts

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist May 13, 2019

The NBA draft is full of talent and seems to be a stacked group of players. Each team has a chance to get a star on their team. The following shows what each team needs in the draft. This is also done...

They hate us ’cause they ain’t us

Lukas Zywicki, Sports columnist September 16, 2018

NBA fans: there can be a lot to love, but also so much to dislike.Almost all fans is the exact same; they hop on the bandwagon as soon as a popular player gets recruited by a team. The classic NBA fans...

The National Hockey League is losing its appeal

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist June 13, 2018

Nobody cares about the NHL. Honestly, though, I do not know anybody other than my grandpa who watches it, and he only watches the Red Wings. ESPN has a daily story on Snapchat that I do not miss. It keeps...

LZ sports

LZ sports

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist June 10, 2018


LeBron James: the most overrated man in sports

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist April 10, 2018

LeBron James was a great player. Keyword; was. As a rookie, and as a veteran, he played great. But now that he is on a below average team (Cleveland Cavaliers) with below average players, he is forced...

Hometown zeroes: Detroit sports are straight up garbage

Lukas Zywicki, Sports Columnist March 12, 2018

Detroit sports are nearing an all time low. The Red Wings are struggling to even come close to a .500 win percentage, the Tigers win percentage was .395 last season. The Pistons are almost at .500. The...

There is nothing mad about March Madness

Lukas Zywicki, Writer March 11, 2017

March Madness, one of the most profound tournaments of its time. On average, 28 million people tune in to watch. It gives 68 teams the chance to prove that they are an elite team in NCAA Men's Basketball....

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