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Students celebrate President’s Day with four-day weekend

Students celebrate President's Day with four-day weekend

Grahm Staib, Writer

February 12, 2020

With a three and a half day weekend for President's Day this year, many FHS students are taking advantage and traveling over the break. Among them are senior Cole Patterson and his family, who frequently visit Michigan's state capital. “My family tries to take a visit to Lansing every year,” Patterson said. “Ove...

10 things to do this summer to avoid boredom

10 things to do this summer to avoid boredom

Delaney Bryson, News Editor

July 3, 2019

As July begins, the first month of summer is over—the days have become longer and hotter and entertainment opportunities seem to be dwindling. Some students may be feeling the boredom of long, hot summer days starting to creep in. From exercising and spending time in nature to staying in bed; below...