Students celebrate President’s Day with four-day weekend


Grahm Staib, Writer

With a three and a half day weekend for President’s Day this year, many FHS students are taking advantage and traveling over the break. Among them are senior Cole Patterson and his family, who frequently visit Michigan’s state capital.

“My family tries to take a visit to Lansing every year,” Patterson said. “Over the past couple years, we’ve decided that the extended Presidents day weekend would be a perfect time to visit. Three years ago we even went to Washington D.C, and visited sites like the Washington monument.”

There are many other options for people who don’t want their four-day break to be historical, such as going to Florida, where Junior Brendan Alvord’s family takes an annual trip to visit family.

“It’s awesome, my uncle and aunt own a beach house in Cocoa Beach, Fl,” Alvord said. “We usually spend most of the time on the boat or using one of their jet skis. It’s also perfect timing for me, as baseball tryouts are 2 weeks afterwards, so I get a good amount of rest before the season starts.”

 Traveling is not an option for everyone; some students choose to stay home and relax over the break. Senior Mike Miller elects to spend his days off spending friends and their trucks.

“We all love to get together and go mud bogging with our trucks/jeeps,” Miller said. “It’s cool when you find a group of people who love to get together and just have fun. It’s been pretty snowy lately, but that won’t deter us, as we like to go snow bogging as well.”

Whether the break is spent in Florida, the State Capital, or just spending time with friends at home, Presidents day weekend can be a great time to rejuvenate for the remainder of the school year. Go out and explore; maybe an annual tradition on president’s day will be on the horizon.