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Downtown Fentons Street Experience

Downtown Fenton’s Street Experience

Angelina Vitarelli, Print Editor-in-Chief September 4, 2021

On Friday nights in downtown Fenton, one can hear live music being played throughout the streets as they walk, eat or play. Local Sara DeBord had the chance to perform with friends and family in the Street...

The Scoop of Fenton, located on West Shiawassee Avenue, plans to open in the first or second week in April.

The Scoop of Fenton ice cream parlor will open this spring

Sydney Bommersbach, Assistant Online Editor in Chief March 10, 2020

According to the National Dairy Association, there are approximately 80,000 ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt shops in the U.S. In the first or second week in April, Fenton will be receiving a new business...

The development of downtown Fentons old “TOPS” lot

Dylan Dockins, Writer September 27, 2018

The Riverview business complex, funded by Chasse Ballroom Studio owner Michael LaJoice, was set to be built in downtown Fenton in 2016. However, construction ceased when LaJoice confessed to embezzling...

New retro menswear store, Bridge Street Exchange, in Fenton

Ellie Vasbinder, Assistant Print Editor in Chief June 11, 2018

What started as an idea quickly became a prospering shop. The owner of Bridge Street exchange, Kevin Bagola, started out in the insurance industry, then left to sell wedding rings. Three years later,...

Cornerstone building set to be filled with established businesses

Cameron Mathews, Writer October 23, 2014

The face of downtown will be changed because of the Cornerstone Project. Some local stores will be moving into the building and are expanding and redesigning their businesses once they move. “I first...

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