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“Black Panther” comic book coming to life through cinema

“Black Panther” comic book coming to life through cinema

Nick Megdanoff, Writer

February 22, 2018

“Black Panther,” the movie, continues the message its main character of the same name, played by Chadwick Boseman, represents: change. On Feb. 16, Marvel Studios released the massively anticipated film, directed by Ryan Coogler. With the trailers promising a showcase of the character’s homeland...

Super powers do not make the true hero; but the man or woman inside does

Brad Dawson, Columnist

May 2, 2014

Cast aside Superman’s powers, and what remains? An individual who wants to help others and better the world.   Sometimes we look at superheroes and their powers or abilities too much. Underneath Iron Man’s suit lies a man who wants to do the best he can for those around him, as does Batman...