“Black Panther” comic book coming to life through cinema

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“Black Panther” comic book coming to life through cinema

Nick Megdanoff, Writer

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“Black Panther,” the movie, continues the message its main character of the same name, played by Chadwick Boseman, represents: change. On Feb. 16, Marvel Studios released the massively anticipated film, directed by Ryan Coogler. With the trailers promising a showcase of the character’s homeland of Wakanda and maintaining the theme the character has in his own books. This promise of grandeur for a film was fulfilled as it stayed faithful to the character’s past in the pages of comic books and providing the viewer great entertainment.

I enjoyed the film massively, because it depicted the character in a great way and conveyed the message the character has stood for since his creation. The movie accomplished this by taking the source material and adapting it to the big screen, as several times in the film depicted exact moments from Black Panther’s many adventures in comics. By lifting these exact moments, the film begins to play out as if the viewer is reading the comic books the character is from, making the Black Panther’s depiction almost completely exact to his original form.

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The “Black Panther”’s cast also does a great job at bringing the characters to life with Chadwick Boseman doing a great job at playing Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan’s acting as the villain, Erik Killmonger, was extremely well done as his message and motives were clear and precise. The supporting cast in the movie all did a marvelous job for their roles as well, making each character memorable in their own way.

Within the film, the overall message the character was designed to preach, that the world must change if it wishes to survive, is presented very clearly. The position on change creates a constant conflict the character has dealt with throughout his history and constantly in his film, as the character is forced to ponder over the question which is better, change or tradition.

With the Marvel sense of humor still present in the film through Black Panther and his sister, Shuri, with some other character interactions between one another, making the film fantastic for families. The movie is also fantastic for those who wish to encounter stories that ask deep questions with no true answers, but provides some stances to think about.

Like other Marvel Studios movies as well, the story is connected to their overall cinematic universe they have created and yes, there is an after credits scene at the very end. In Black Panther’s highly acclaimed and awarded graphic novel “A Nation Under Our Feet”, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Black Panther says “Wakanda must change,” and I believe the world will change from this movie.

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