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Freshman Dylyn Nichols: “My dad skied his whole life, so I started really young, around four or five. My brother and I both love to do it and we’re really inspired by our dad and the people on our team.what team? The best part of waterskiing is that even though practicing every day can sometimes get exhausting, having such a great team that feels like family and how much fun we have together makes it worth it.”

Summer sports to try out this year

Jessie Bright, Writer June 10, 2019

Looking for a way to spend your summer? Check out the slideshow below for lake sports to try out this summer.

he flint water Crisis emerged when an executive decision was made to switch water sources from Lake Huron water to water from the Flint River (Pictured).

Flint has been at a clean water deficit for five years

Andrea Elsholz, Features Editor May 9, 2019

The Flint General Motors Truck Assembly plant stopped using Flint tap water when it started corroding engine parts. But it was also corroding the lead pipes that brought water to the city. On April 24,...

“One piece of advice I would give to someone is to drink more water,” sophomore Audrey Trammell said. “It sounds very nerdy, but I started drinking water and my skin cleared up and I started getting up earlier, overall I felt a lot better.”

People of Fenton: freshman Audrey Trammell

Regina Pauly, Social Media Editor April 26, 2019

Fenton Community Bass Club searches for new members

Fenton Community Bass Club searches for new members

Gracie Warda, Online Editor April 18, 2018

Casting his line into the water, senior Lars Angel waits for a nibble on his line as a member of the Fenton Community Youth Bass Fishing Club. Coach Brett Straffon began the club in 2016 for those students...

New water bottle refill stations save over 7,000 plastic bottles

New water bottle refill stations save over 7,000 plastic bottles

Amber Kelly, Opinions Editor October 20, 2017

With the school year in full swing, students are taking note of the new water bottle refillers. They’re installed in two locations, one is across from Sarah Andersen’s classroom, and the other is by...

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