This year’s holiday spirit is being brought by Fenton choir students with their annual holiday concert

As the lights dim, the crowd becomes quiet, waiting for the night of wonder to begin. An applause roars when the singers enter the stage with their black dresses and suits shining under the stage lights. The show begins with music filling the silent air of the auditorium.

On Dec 19, the singers of FHS joined together for an evening of holiday cheer and entertainment in the Ruby Zima auditorium and put on a show for family and friends.

“I thought we all sounded great and we all had a really great time,” sophomore Ambassador Sam Strickhouser said. “I love just being able to sing well with a chorus, to be in unison with others.”

The night opened with a performance by the Chorus, followed by Varsity Vocals, Bella Voce, and the Ambassadors. They sang classic songs like ‘Sleigh Ride’ and ‘Silver Bells’, even getting the audience to join in on the fun.

“I think the show went really well. I liked the lights in ‘Silent Night’ and the [audience participation] ’12 days of Christmas,” junior Ambassador and Varsity Vocalist Micali Gadola said. “Singing just makes me happy and I like to sing all the time. It brightens my school day.”

All four choirs are conducted by choir teacher Bradley Wright. Wright has been teaching at the high school for 14 years. This year, he announced, there are more people in multiple choirs than any other year.

“I do two choirs because it’s more of a challenge” sophomore Carissa Schultz said. “My favorite part about singing is entertaining people and letting them hear me.”

Wish to try out for choir, but a little nervous? First time soloist junior Abby Rachor can relate.

“This is my first year in an actual choir class, but I have been singing since I was little,” Rachor said. “I love to sing and I guess I was kind of nervous to try out before but I got the guts to do it and I did.”

Her advice?

“Just do it no matter what. It’s worth it.”