Mobile app introduces the art of editing

Ellie Vasbinder, News Editor

One photo holds the opportunity to become something completely different. A simple photo can be turned into something eerie and dark, or bright and radiant. VSCO, a mobile app, has become a popular way to share photography, while simultaneously giving users the opportunity to become the creator of a modern way of tying photography and art together: editing. Not only has it brought a new light to photography within the app, but also outside of it. Back in 2015, more than 72 million instagram posts were captioned with the hashtag #vscocam according to Business Insider and since has grown each year. The app has increased the trend of the newfound art of editing and continues to do so with teenagers and adults alike.

“I think there’s an art to the editing because it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be,” sophomore Brianna Cox said. “If you like a certain filter you can edit it how you like. Each filter makes a different tone, you can heighten the brightness to make it happy, or lower it to make it darker.”

VSCO is set with multiple given filters and options to buy or download different ones. As well as these filters you can adjust brightness, contrast, tinting and several other selective editing options. Many people use these features to alter their photos. Some find the app as more of outlet to post to, rather than to edit.

“I actually don’t use VSCO editing, I use lightroom, which is a different app,” junior Ethan Riley said. “I put those photos onto VSCO, I don’t actually edit them there. I know a lot of people that do though. I really just upload them onto there because I like photography and I want to share it. It’s a little bit like my own portfolio.”

Although not everyone uses to the app to edit, most use it as a place to share their work and discover other artists as well. There are one of two things you can do when you see a photo you like: you can repost it to your profile or simply favorite it. If you enjoy a person’s whole profile you can follow them, similar to other social media apps.

“I feel like everyone gets a reaction when they see a really good photo that’s been edited,” junior Erica Hering said. “It just absorbs people. Some of the filters can bring out a different part of the photo that you wouldn’t see just looking at it when it’s first taken. I feel like it enhances the photo entirely and can change the photo.”

VSCO can be used to make a statement, share art, find art, or just as a personal portfolio. However it is used, the app can make the art of editing into something bigger and more connected.