Flashback Friday: Teachers that attended high school at FHS as teens


Patricia Gray’s yearbook picture in 1994 as a junior.  Today, she teaches history classes.

“My favorite memory associated with high school I would say was Project Graduation,” teacher Patricia Gray said. “ Not because we were done with school, but because everyone from my class was there and we had so much fun.  It seemed like we were all friends that night.”

The fashion when she was in high school were tight belly shirts and for boys low pants, known as ‘sagging’ today. If the underwear was not showing you were not doing it right.

“My favorite class was Mr. Kralosky’s English class – that was the first class in high school that I felt challenged in.  It inspired me to push myself,” Gray said. “I also loved Mr. Vosburgh’s World History – he told such interesting stories!”

Choir teacher, Brad Wright, playing guitar with juniors Jason Craner and Ben Bronson by his side. This picture is from the Fentonian yearbook back in 1991. Mr. Wright was a senior that year and a crew member of Curtain up!.

“School was fun.  I was into music and drama so I had a pretty large circle of friends who were all into the same things,” Wright said. “My favorite memories were performing with Play Production Company and the Ambassadors and Jazz Band.”

According to Billboard in 1991 the most popular song was (Everything I do) I do it for you by Bryan Adams. The popular genre of that time was Grunge. Grunge is a subgenre of alternative rock, which includes artists like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.



Fenton had 30 point victory in the game against Mount Morris. Becki Moore hits the deck. Moore attended FHS from freshman year to senior year. She participated in many school activities including basketball.  Today at Fenton, she teaches gym classes.