Community members visit SRTs to discuss career options

Gracie Warda, Online Editor

With so many job opportunities available, and so many different paths to achieve those careers, many students can feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the choices presented to them after high school. In an attempt to combat these feelings and guide students, SRT teachers and FHS administration have organized Career Day, where parents and community members come into school and discuss their careers.

“I think that the key component of [Career Day] is to see a practical component of these careers, to put a name, a face, a story, to these careers that we talk about in abstract,” SRT teacher Brett Mead said. “It really personalizes the experience and gives the career a story, and that’s key.”

Each SRT had one or two volunteers come in to talk on Oct. 25 to discuss their career and the path they took to get there. Among these volunteers were Mobile Application Architect Marty Brann Sr and Business Owner Jason Warda.

“I think that all kids listen to career day at some point in their lives,” Warda said. “Most of them don’t really listen to what we’re saying, but hopefully we can strike a couple of buttons and resonate with somebody.”

The speakers shared a past of poor grades and uncertainty about their career, and hoped to inspire those who are in their old shoes.

“I think that it’s beneficial because maybe I’ve said someone that made sense to someone in the back of the room who wasn’t getting good grades,” Marty Brann Sr. said. “I was in the same place, I had a horrible Grade Point Average at that point in my high school career and I’ve done nothing but pivot from that point on. Maybe I can let them know that there is an avenue for them.”
Some students felt that they gained valuable life lessons from Career day.

“I think that it benefits me because I get to learn more about different people’s careers,” Marty Brann Jr. said, “and how their lives worked out in order to get the career they have. I felt inspired because it forces me to stick with what I’m passionate about. They taught me not to force anything or else I won’t enjoy my job.”

Teachers plan on continuing this tradition in order to benefit and inspire students.