I’ve Got the Power

Love has an undeniable power. From the beginning days of civilization, we have recognized love through our gods and goddesses. Even certain historical figures are known for the kindness and care they shared for their fellow man, such as Martin Luther King and Ghandi.
One of the biggest advocates of love, however, was Jesus Christ. Wherever you stand on his parentage and divineness, there is no doubt that at one point in our history there was a man whose goal was to unify, help and heal those around him. Even today we remember his name. I’m certain that if not for Shakespeare, we wouldn’t remember Julius Caesar’s name, nor many of the other leaders of the ancient world.
Speaking of Shakespeare, we needn’t look further than his play, Romeo and Juliet, for another example of love’s power. The two star-crossed Italian youths find reason and purpose in each other, driving them to overcome near any obstacle in their path. While their families fought and feuded, they found solace with one another. Although, spoiler alert, the two killed themselves to remain together, this is even further proof of love’s power, as it takes a considerable amount of willpower to end one’s own life.
Neither destructive nor constructive, love is a neutral power that anyone can find. Sometimes it leads to redemption, other times madness. Boyfriends that dive too far and stalk their exes are just as common as men who totally redeem their lives after meeting their special someone. Granted, both examples are extreme, as love doesn’t turn everyone into perfect souls or desperate hopefuls.
Love is a difficult topic to understand by any means. We can construct several varied ideas of what love is and its role in the world across a single lifetime. As a means of passing on what we believe love to be, it often takes the forefront of several pieces of art. Such examples range from Roman statues of Venus, their goddess of love, to the much more modern Disney films, where the power of love and related imagery is used constantly. Through these presented examples, we can analyze love as physical beauty, the means of continuing the human race, a reservoir of strength, and many more interpretations.
I personally have taken a much more spiritual outlook on love, keeping a distinction between physical attraction and kindness for another. You can love someone for how they look, but in my eyes that’s no different than judging how good a five course meal is by the appetizer and salad. While there are few women in my life that I can claim to love in more than a “I’ll hold the door and help you out when I can” way, true love for me comes from my friends, who have stood by me for quite some time. Where others would dismiss me or write me off as crazy, they extended their hands out to me. When others would turn their backs on me and let me fall, they tossed me a safety rope to success. And without a doubt, when I am in a sour mood and can see no light in the world, they show me what I’m fighting for each day, which ignites my soul with a desire to see this world a better place.
Love betters us, it redeems us, it gives us purpose and it creates a better tomorrow. Love is a power unlike any other in the world, far superior to hatred and fear. Sometimes It can hurt us, or drive us crazy. Love causes pain, but once the scars fade something greater, and much stronger, takes its place. That is the power of love.