Parent teacher conferences midway thru third marking period

Lukas Zywicki, Writer

Teachers are gathering their notebooks and grade reports as they line up for parent teacher conferences. Conferences are on Wednesday March 7. This is not the typical time for conferences, the usual date for conferences is around the end of the 3rd marking period. Counselor Vicky Russell is preparing for this, and meeting with parents and students is part of her everyday job.

“I believe it a good thing,” Russell said. “It was like this last year also. Students and parents now have the opportunity to meet with their teachers, discuss the grade that they currently have, and how they can improve the grade if need be.”

Conferences as a counselor are different than that of a teachers because counselors such as Russell do not have everyday classes. Counselors meet with students and give them guidance to the students so they can make the best of their time in high school while preparing for their future.

“As a counselor usually meet with parents that I have previously spoken with,” Russell said. “I use this as a follow up opportunity.”

While counselors and teachers are the ones dealing conducting the meeting. Students are the ones mostly affected. Sophomore Grant Bluthardt has gone to conferences and has met with his teachers.

“I think it is pretty cool that conferences are mid term now,” Bluthardt said. ‘It gives me a chance to improve and fix anything that I may need to take care of.”

Conferences will be held in the FHS cafeteria and will start at 5 p.m. all parents are encouraged to attend.