Post Malone’s “beerbongs and bentleys” newest album since “Stoney”

Hannah Young, Writer

Labeled as a ‘rockstar’ in his 2017 single “Rockstar”, Post Malone recently released a new album on April 27: ‘beerbongs and bentleys’. The hip hop artist has released other singles such as ‘Candy Paint’ and ‘Psycho’ before the album release that are featured on the album. The album ‘Beerbongs and Bentleys’ sounds out a world of partying, girls and money. The sound is fresher and up to date since the release of ‘Stoney’ in 2016. The 18 song album gives fans a new delight to listen to.

The first track of the album, ‘Paranoid,’ brings in an insane pull that talks about the realities of being famous. He sings ‘windows always tinted, you ain’t lookin’ in it/ either way, I know they’ll come for me again’. The lyric seems to express how Malone’s fame brings him paranoia and how he cannot trust anyone in his life. The song talks about the life of being a famous star and the side effects of the lifestyle on him. The next song ‘Spoil My Night,’ which features Swae Lee, is a swift beat that gives off a vibe of late nights. Malone’s voice mixed with Lee’s raps gives the song its meaning of late nights and girls that accompany.

This song leads into the song called ‘Rich and Sad’ which alludes to his single life, despite his fame. He sings ‘Got hunnid big faces, but I’m still alone/ Aye, I would throw it all away/ I just keep on wishing that the money made you stay’. The lyric expresses Malone’s love life, as he doesn’t have time, and women oftentimes use him for his wealth.The song gives a sad effect and allows the listener to see his point of view. Following is ‘Zack and Codeine,’ which shows the partying lifestyle that he experiences with being famous. ‘Takin’ Shots’ follows with a rap it up party volume to get the music pumping loud.

The partying lifestyle is clearly demonstrated in the hit single on the album, ‘Rockstar’. The song features 21 Savage. Malone raps a sweet verse on the lifestyle of his ‘rockstar’ life since the release of ‘Stoney’, ‘Man I feel just like a rockstar/ Act a fool on stage’.The song makes the listener feel on edge and live the partying life that everyone seems to crave.

The slower paced ‘Over Now’ follows the song before, giving a vibe of being fed up with fame, women and relationships. He feels lost and is now done with fame and romantic partners.

The other hit single that appears on the album is ‘Psycho’ which features Ty Dolla $ign. The song gives a vibe of living a lavish lifestyle while friendzoning a girl. The girl alluded in the song is only for the side and not for being a main girl in his life. ‘Better Now’ follows with a rock alternative beat with the raps of Malone. Malone raps on the life of after a breakup.

‘Ball For Me’ featuring Nicki Minaj gives the sweet outlook of dating a famous star like Malone, with Minaj giving the side of the girlfriend, the song gives a EDM whip-like sound. ‘Otherside’ slows down the music with a deep resounding track with elements that get the listener to hear Malone and his feelings.

The acoustic song ‘Stay’ is similar to the song ‘Rich and Sad’, leading into a breakup type of song. The sweet guitar sounds gives the song a slow resounding melody. The lyrics mirror Malone’s type of writing that usually is sad and talks about a girl. The heartfelt acoustic ballad sings a tale of two people who love the pain of love and use each other for fulfilment. The ballad gives Malone’s album a slow-paced vision that is incorporated into his recipe for success. ‘Blame It On Me’ slows the pace with a light drum beat. Malone’s slow raspy voice gives the song a new feeling.

‘Jonestown (Interlude)’ is under two minutes, and shows a semi-emo song about Malone’s emotions he feels. The beat is picked up with ‘92 Explorer’ and Malone starts to show his rap side with the beats of his fellow rappers. The song relates to a Kanye West type of hip hop with the twisty beats that sound in the background. ‘Candy Paint’, the third single that was released before the album was released, reminds the listener of the cars and Fast and Furious roots of the song.

The album finishes with ‘Sugar Wraith’, which starts slow but becomes fast paced. The song gives a vibe of a real-life experiences with starting from the bottom and ending up on top. It also gives a hint of love into the mix. Malone’s voice mixes with the rasp of his rap and the smooth melody of singing. The song ends the album on the closed note of his true feelings of everything he has experienced.

Since the release of ‘Stoney’ in 2016, fans heard a star and waited for the next album. Post Malone’s sophomore album gives light of his famous life, partying, romance partners and expensive clothing. The newest album, ‘beerbongs and bentleys’ give the fans a fresh take of Malone’s style of music. The album is a fresh new taste in his music career. Malone sings out his ups and downs since fame shined onto him in 2016. Within the release of the album on April 27, ‘beerbongs and bentleys’ is the first top album on iTunes charts and is on the top 100 charts of Billboard. The album ‘beerbongs and bentleys’ shows that Post Malone’s newest feature is the best of him so far.