From Pages to Premieres: Students attend the first showing of Divergent

Sitting in a tightly queued line at the Trillium, senior Alexis Kontourosis awaits the premiere of Divergent.

“It was fun sitting in line with my friends,” Kontourosis said.  “It gave us time to build the anticipation.”

Once inside, comfortably sitting in the IMAX theater, Kontourosis began to assess the movie she’d been waiting for.

“I think the movie would have been a great movie if it wasn’t a book before,” Kontourosis said.  “The graphics were cool but there were main characters from the book that weren’t in the movie.”

Freshman Zachary West agrees on the quality of the movie, admiring the visual effort.

“I really liked the scenery,” West said. “They did a good job with setting of the book, especially Navy Pier.”

He, however, was not concerned about the movie following the book exactly.

“The special effects and soundtrack were really good,” West said.  “My favorite scene was definitely the zip-line scene, where the main character zip-lined from a skyscraper. The movie followed the book pretty well. Some parts were left out, but it was still the story.”

Students may have not gotten home until past 11 p.m. on  a school night, but many agree premieres are worth the wait and following drowsiness.

“Overall, it’s always sun to go to premieres,” Kontourosis said.  “I thought as a whole, the movie was pretty good.”