Gemini Midway at Cedar Point will have new additions this summer

Cedar Point will have some new additions to the park for opening day, May 10th, mostly in the Gemini Midway portion of the park.

The first addition is the Pipe Scream. The ride is a 15,000 pound gondola that twists and turns on the 302 foot track, going above the midway 43 ft at 43 mph. Testing will take place in April just before the opening.

“I love cedar point,” junior Mady Metzelburg said. “I will definitely be going this year, I do every year. It’s awesome they’re coming out with new rides.”

The Lake Erie Eagles is a flying scooter ride that will be operating by opening day. There will be 8 eagles for riders to sit in that are held by arms up to 28 feet in the air. The eagles will swing outward in a circular motion.

Another addition, The Slingshot, will be ready by summer. The Slingshot shoots 360 feet into the sky at speeds up to 62 mph. This would make it the second highest vantage point in the park, next to the dragster. This ride costs an extra fee, which has not been decided yet.

The park is renaming two rides for the little kids. The Froghopper will be moved to Camp Snoopy and renamed to Woodstock’s Airmail.  Also, the Jr. Gemini will be moved to Camp Snoopy and the ride will be known as Wilderness Run.

“The gatekeeper is my favorite ride,” freshman Bronson Kelly said. “It’s extremely big and very fast. I’ll possibly check out the new rides, especially if it’s one of the metal ones because they ride smoother than the wooden rides.”

Last year the park came out with its 16th roller coaster, The GateKeeper. It became the longest wing roller coaster and the longest drop of any wing roller coaster on earth.  Cedar point will continue to have more additions this summer, and years to come keeping it the largest amusement park in the world.