The belief behind the legend of bigfoot

Dylan Dockins , Writer

The ever present question of Bigfoot has been alive to believers and skeptics alike. These larger than life creatures generally reside within the great expansive forest of North America and Asia. Being met with everything from adamant disbelief to meticulous research; are Bigfoot real or just a hoax?

 Many reasoning for not believing is our technology can capture just about everything, most do not understand that a few things can go unseen. In 2004, a new species of giant ape was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was  called “One of the most important wildlife discoveries in decades” by BBC source; proving that some things can fall through the cracks.

I believe in possibility. In essence, there isn’t any concrete proof against Bigfoot, so there’s no reason to deny its existence.The world is vast and there is still so much to discover. Only 95 percent of the world’s population lives on 10 percent of the land mass, leaving much to be discovered.

The idea of bigfoot is not blown out of proportion. In some cases, it’s imagined that Bigfoot have paranormal or unnatural abilities. Bigfoot are really just a bunch of giant monkeys living in the forest; far from an unrealistic concept.

The new word… of reports around the world remain almost consistent with each other. All have the same description of its looks and behaviors.

These creatures are smarter than most think. If Bigfoot is to be real, they have been around for awhile. Being a primate they are capable of conceptualizing their environment. Having a history with numerous Native American tribes they understand human behavior as well. They have the knowledge to know if they were to be “discovered,”, it would put them in danger .

Surrounded by disbelief and legend, I believe there is a truth we have yet to discover. As humans, we have to understand there is a boundless world with many capabilities.