Opinion: High school should be teaching life skills

Hannah Young, Writer

‘When will I ever use this?’ or ‘When will I use this in my life after high school?’ are questions frequently asked by many high school students. Often enough, students feel like they aren’t using life skills or learning them during their high school career. Life skills are classes that teach the student abilities such as leadership, social skills, money, and skills such as cooking and paying taxes; they are too sparse in high school curriculum.

These classes, particularly Life skills are built to educate kids and help them build resources for the world beyond high school and into college. Lifestyles classes are equipped with teaching different skills that are used in everyday life and not normally taught in school.

Life Skills should be brought back into the school system, and more emphasized in those schools that have them. As kids leave high school to start a new chapter in their life, many do not know the basic skills that are vital to adulthood. Some kids do not know how to pay taxes, get a job, write a resume or pay bills. Without the learning of life skills, kids can struggle when it comes to basic real-world responsibilities.

Teaching kids in high school how to function as an adult, the process of transitioning from a teen to an adult would be smoother.

Though the main focus of high school is to benefit the kid by preparing kids for college, life skills or lifestyle classes could be a huge benefit to helping kids and equipping them with basic skills that could help them after high school. If equipping kids with life skills that could help and impact a generation with skills to have a better grip on their life. It is necessary that schools provide their kids with basic social, mental and physical skills to ready themselves for after high school.

Overall, life skills should be brought back into high school education. If brought back, it could be an elective that gives kids a chance to learn how to use basic skills as a function after high school. It should also be used to help kids work better in society and function as a proper adult in college and afterwards. These classes bring back the idea of knowing the basic functions of taxes, money management and more that everyday adults use.