Student’s views on Michigan’s new recreational marijuana policy

Dylan Dockins, Writer

Students become involved in current events and voice their opinions about the impact the legalization of marijuana in the state, the impact and how it will affect other states. What may lead from this new law is unknown but will only be revealed in the test of time.

James Beauchamp

“It will most likely have a huge impact on possession charges in Michigan,” junior James Beauchamp said. “The possession limits are fairly high, so it is good for people who use marijuana as a pain medication or recreational. Which in time will cause a major decrease within incarcerations that are related to Marijuana charges.”

Thomas Conlon

“Marijuana could have major benefits for for the state,” senior Thomas Conlon said. “The revenue that can be taxed could go back into the state, whether it be filling the many potholes that riddle our roads to  helping with the Flint Water Crisis. It also can benefit people with insomnia to PTSD. I think it will be a great thing for the state and help lead the way for other states to follow our footsteps into legalization.”

Lillian Thompson

“If the money is used wisely, it could help our state,”  junior Lillian Thompson said. “But like a lot of good plans, it could be abused or misinterpreted.” can she explain?

Natalie Brown

“There is an awesome opportunity for new companies to start up in the check cap…Cannabis industry,” senior Natalie Brown said. “The ability to research the different benefits of marijuana and to make those known to people who are unaware of its benefits. In  economic terms, legalizing weed will definitely improve our government due to tax revenues, accompanied by new job openings and a chance to invest into marijuana.”

Avery Remillard

“Like alcohol, it will become more popular, which will decrease a lot of alcohol abuse,” junior Avery Remillard said. “I don’t think there will be any deaths from it either because it is said to be substantially healthier and safer than alcohol.”

Brady Carpenter

“There will be a lot more users,” junior Brady Carpenter said. “More minors will be using marijuana because  anyone over 21 can can get it, which makes it much easier for minors to access.”