Moments that made 2018 a great year

Dylan Dockins, Writer

As a new year begins students reflect on what made 2018 so eventful. The memories are far from forgotten, as it was a year with ups and downs. The importance of reflecting on the years lived through is key to sustaining a positive future. These are what make the year worth remembering:

Keegan Jarrett

“Every year I invite my closest friends to my family’s island on Lobdell Lake for my birthday. It has become more than a birthday, instead it is a celebration of brothership.”

Seth Steffey

“What made 2018 for me was being able to go visit my mom in Florida. It is always great to see and spend time with that side of my family, especially when you live on opposite sides of the country from each other.”

Emma Jump

“I believe 2018 was my year because I found myself. I was able to really branch out and get to meet new people.”

Luke Laursen

“On a warm, dewy summer night, two dear accomplices of mine and myself ended up climbing to great new heights together, and saw the most spectacular sunrise from a view in Fenton. Nevertheless, seeing that unbelievable sunrise as a product of risk, loyalty and nocturnal-ness; conveys in that moment, we were doing something right.”

Morgan Farmer

“Being able to move from the middle school to high school made my 2018. Even though it was really nerve-racking at first, I enjoy high school a lot more than middle school; there is a ton more activities in which I can participate.”

Landon Sahouri

“What made my 2018 was going to Florida for Christmas with my family. the weather was in the 80’s everyday and I spent time with my family on the beach soaking up the sun. It was my first Christmas away from home, and I would do that every Christmas if I had the choice.”

Alexis Rivera Gomez

“My 2018 was great because I went to Mexico for two months, from July to August. It was amazing to see my family and many of my old friends, it was one of those feelings you will not have again. The greatest part was to seeing all of my family reunited again.”

Cambria Tiemann

“Over Christmas break my family went on a cruise. I got to meet a lot of new people and traveled to places like Cozumel, Mexico and the Bahamas. Most importantly I got to spend quality time with my family.”