Spring athletes participate in yoga at Divine Yoga


Hannah Young, Writer

Child’s Pose, Warrior II, Downward Dog and Plank Pose are popular poses among the yoga community and are used by a yoga studio in called Divine Yoga. The class in session is small, as many members of the girls track team stretch or pose in different positions. The team has recently been going to yoga at Divine Yoga to help with their performance and endurance this season.

“The girl’s track team and I go to Divine Yoga to better ourselves and our tolerance while running,” junior Ally Resa said. “We practiced different yoga positions with working on our breathing. The experience of going to the yoga studio is nice and helps me out a lot by bettering my performance and overall endurance.”

Yoga helps the athletes with their performance of running. Not only does yoga help the team physically, it also helps them clear their minds and become closer to each other through team bonding.

“Coach Hall knows the owner pretty well and it’s a beautiful and safe studio,” freshman Alexis Walker said. “It’s also a great team bonding opportunity. I love yoga it’s a great time to be reflective and find peace in the craziness of being a high school athlete. Finding balance in all the chaos with my teammates who feel the stress of school too is a great way to bond.”

Classes are often taught throughout the week. The girl’s track team goes to yoga every other Friday.

“I feel that they [girl’s track team] bond in that room,” said yoga instructor and owner of Divine Yoga Sheila Crider. “They get real together and I think it makes a better team.”

Yoga helps the body become stronger and better for athletic performance, according to Shape. Yoga helps stretch and help your body with core strength and flexibility to build your focus.

“If you’re an athlete and doing other things, you can come in once a week,” Crider said. “If you’re not doing anything else, you can come in up to three times a week. Yoga can help your body get strong because it’s such a physical workout; people that do yoga regularly become strong in the body.”

Divine Yoga is a yoga studio located in Fenton which operates with class throughout the week. Hours are from 7am to 10pm Mon. through Sun and is located at 1110 N Leroy St, Fenton, MI 48430. Yoga overall has helped the girl’s track team build their endurance overall as track athletes. The boy’s soccer team also attended Divine Yoga in the fall, experiencing similar results the girl’s track team did.