Student section leaders keep the crowd rowdy

Chloe Couch, Writer

It’s football season; which means getting rowdy and dressing up for the theme of the student section every Friday night. The theme is chosen by the student section leaders, seniors Ricky Giltrop and Mitchell Cairnduff.

“We don’t give out the themes until the week of the game; it’s posted on our Twitter,” Carinduff said.

The Twitter account is another responsibility passed down from the previous year’s leaders. This is where the section leaders post the theme for the night. Although students must wait for each weeks theme, Giltrop assures that his favorite themes will be chosen at some point.

“My favorite themes are beach theme, hick night and random object; so you can expect to see those in the future,” Giltrop said. 

Having themes for football games is a tradition. The student section leaders have control over the themes, along with keeping the students lively in the crowd. 

“We stay as rowdy as possible by screaming our heads off and we try to keep the underclassman as involved as possible,” Carinduff said, referring to keeping the crowd together with the theme.

The leaders keep underclassman involved to ensure the whole student section is energetic to help cheer on the Tigers. They do this by coming up with new ways for students to have a great night.

“We’re going to have fun games that we play, along with some contests. It’s all about getting wild for the Tigers,” Giltrop said. 

Giltrop and Carinduff hope they can keep the students excited this season and make it a great time for all; especially for their fellow graduating seniors. 

You can find the Twitter account for updates at @FHS_STUDENTS_IB or Not Ricky Giltrop.