Opinion: Haunted Houses are more fun than harmful

Natily Hall, Writer

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Haunted houses. People either love them or hate them. The jump scares that make you scream, the goosebumps on your arms, the fear going through you the whole time. The adrenaline a haunted house gives someone is unique because nothing gets your heart racing like a crazy haunted house can.

Haunted houses can be good places to get to know someone and learn what their fears are. They are a great place to build relationships. You can gain trust in the person as you walk through the house together, being scared and holding on to one another as if they’re your only hope. You are trusting that person to get you through the haunted house without ‘getting hurt’.

In a haunted house anything could happen at any time. A creature or person can come out from behind and scare you. Gaining fear and anticipation of what may come next. That’s what I like about haunted houses the anticipation the parts of your mind asking yourself: What comes next? What is around that corner? It can make you excited and terrified at the same time, which is personally one of my favorite feelings.

My favorite haunted house that I have been in is the Freak Show haunted house at Cedar Point during HalloWeekend. The Freak Show is based on a circus gone mad where everyone has gone crazy and turned into creatures, such as: crazy clowns, fishmen and crazy children. Haunted Houses have been around for many years and get more and more popular each year, and as they get more popular they just get scarier as SFX makeup and special effects work their magic, and get better every year.

This Halloween get out to try something new, like the nearby haunted corn mazes and houses such as: The Howling Haunted Trail (Fenton), Rotten Manor (Holly),Spooky Trails (Swartz Creek), Hush Haunted House Attraction (Westland) and more. All less than an hour away from Fenton.