Students celebrate Christmas with traditions



Chloe Couch, Writer

Christmas is a religious and cultural holiday celebrated by billions of people around the world. It began as a holiday in the fourth century when church officials decided that believers in Jesus Christ needed to commemorate his birth. However, the way families celebrate varies and is unique and special to them. 


“This year over Christmas break my family and I are going to Hawaii,” junior Lara Kemp said. “My cousin is having her wedding there on New Year’s Eve, and because we’ve always wanted to go, we decided to extend the trip and stay for about two and a half weeks, which means we will spend Christmas there. Besides the wedding, we don’t have anything specifically planned to do there but I’m excited to see what we end up doing.”

While some students have different plans each year, some have annual traditions with their families. 

“On Christmas Day, my brother and I wake up and make coffee for our parents,” sophomore Lizzy Wakeham said. “Then we open our stockings and presents. Later in the day, my extended family and I go to my grandma’s to exchange more gifts.”

Although Kemp and Wakeham celebrate Christmas differently, according to them, they still anticipate the holiday.

“I look forward to [Christmas] every year,” Wakeham said. “I love spending time with my family.”

When celebrating Christmas this year, don’t let the true meaning of Christmas fade away into presents or trips. As you celebrate christmas, enjoy the time with family and remember the holiday’s true meaning.