Online classes to take during the summer

Online classes to take during the summer

Emmy Johnson, Writer

Summer is a time to relax with friends and family after the school year ends; but summer is also a time to expand knowledge or explore a hobby of interest. This makes summer classes a fun experience to partake in. Regardless of the subject, taking summer classes provides an outlet to explore resources and keep busy during these hot months.

College Classes, such as MIPA (Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, are an easy way to work with professors and experts in a professional environment. Mipas college courses appeal to a high school learning level and allow students to enroll and provide financial aid if needed.

Coursera, another outlet for students, provides programs based on experience in the subject, but they recommend every student starts at beginner level. The website is easy to sign up on, only requiring a name, an email and a password. The professors allow high school students to sign up with flexible due dates, private tutoring hours and an email to contact them from, some of these classes are: Programming For Everybody (Getting Started With Python) taught by Charles Russell Severance and provided by MoMo, Fashion as Design taught by Paola Antonelli and provided by MoMo. For more information on class selections, visit

Apps and websites that are nonprofit are easy to enroll in but some classes require payment to enter. Khan Academy, however, is an app that is completely free and helps students expand their skills with almost every subject and provides SAT prep. TED-Ed is another app with over 8,000 lessons to choose from in a numerous number of subjects taught by professors. 

Masterclass is a program that offers a wide variety of classes to participate in that only last about an hour, often charging around 60 to 70 dollars. Masterclass is known for giving a completely professional experience where students will have time to comprehend assignments and leave the class feeling confident in their study. Despite such high expenses, the professors of Masterclass are academic academy winners and are the best in their practice.

Online classes, especially because of COVID-19, are a great way to pass time and focus on education or enhancing a skill. With summer here and online schooling in the future, there’s more free time to enroll in a class today.