High school students and online learning outfits

High school students and online learning outfits

Emmy Johnson, Writer

COVID-19 has swept over the globe and with it comes changes and the question of how will students go about attending school. Fenton High recently started face-to-face learning, before then, students had scheduled zoom meetings in the morning throughout the afternoon, which left numerous students tired and not wanting to get ready. FHS students then found themselves wearing ridiculous and comfy outfits. 

Zoom meetings gave students the opportunity to dress comfy and in a way that isn’t school appropriate. One particular outfit was pajamas, specifically boxers and underwear. Early morning classes, with a promise of sleep afterward, lead some FHS students to believe in “less is more,” the trick was simple: make sure that your camera only could see you from your shoulders up and anything below could be free-range.

FHS students primarily got away with this hack by turning off their Webcam to save themselves and other students from possible exposure.

By third hour, students began getting dressed and rolling out of bed. Often choosing a sweatshirt or sweatpants to make themselves more presentable. Theladders.com thinks tank tops, hoodies, and boxers could make you look unprofessional, leading multiple teachers to think the same.

The Ladders website also recommends you don’t wear colors like green. Because of Zooms greenscreen option in its settings, the color green can blend into a scenery or a picture, making the user look like a floating head.

Although FHS returned to face-to-face learning where loungewear isn’t as frequently seen in the school hallways, teachers and students will miss the days where they can sleep in and wear pajamas to class.