Winter sports delayed because of public health order

Winter sports delayed because of public health order

Benny Burke, Writer

This year at Fenton High, all winter sports have been postponed because of the Gatherings and Face Mask Order issued by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in November.  This includes basketball, wrestling, swim, bowling, Alpine Ski, hockey, competitive cheer and gymnastics. Currently, these sports are allowed to resume on Dec. 9. 

“There will certainly be restrictions for all sports, including number of contests in a week, wearing of masks, limited spectators viewing and more,”  Athletic Director Michael Bakker said. The restrictions that we are planning on now, could certainly change to more or less restrictive throughout the season, based on where things stand with the coronavirus, as we found in the fall.”

As a result of the order that took effect on Nov. 18, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) has scheduled all winter sports to continue after the order expires. The MHSAA stated on their website, “Effective Nov. 15, 2020 all MHSAA sports activity is suspended.” They also stated, “The only allowed coach-player contact and activities for all sports (fall, winter and spring) is virtual communication and meetings through at least Dec. 8 or until these new orders are amended.” 

With the restrictions put on high school sports, coaches aren’t able to meet with the athletes on their team, affecting the season before it started.

“I have no real idea what the season will look like for any team in any sport at this time,” varsity basketball coach Chad Logan said. “It will depend on what Governor Whitmer decides and MHSAA director Mark Uyl thinks is the right path for athletics. With the already delayed start, our first four games have been cancelled or postponed. I have no real idea how kids are feeling at this point because we aren’t allowed any contact, but the numbers planning to try out were steady if not high, which is a good sign.”

COVID-19 cases peaked at 16,680 on Nov. 27, however, they are on a slow decline. On Dec. 3 the cases stood at 7,417, which is less than half of the cases six days prior. If the order does not extend for longer than the original three weeks, Fenton High sports will resume prior to the end of the year.